Community Challenge

We are all about challenges and competition. For this reason, we have created the Community Challenge where members in our exclusive community can compete against each other in a fun, educational, and spirited environment. Our Community Challenge is a risk-free way to trade and grow your virtual account to limitless heights as you learn and practice using the tools and triggers that have made the 100K Challenge a success.


Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, making the challenge another source for members to benefit from the knowledge and intuition of other traders.

Rules and Guidelines

The specific rules and guidelines will vary from challenge to challenge. They will be released before the beginning of each new challenge. See below for general rules and guidelines.


Awards will be given to the top trader(s) in each Community Challenge and vary from challenge to challenge. One or out most recent winners received a free lifetime membership.

General Rules and Guidelines

Submitting Community Challenge Trades

To submit your Community Challenge trades via chat, please include CC1 or CC2, # of contracts, ticker, expiration, strike price, calls or puts, and fill price.

CC1 = Trade Entry
Example: CC1 10 SPY Oct 215 puts @ 2.01
CC2 = Trade Exit
Example: CC2 10 SPY Oct 215 puts @ 2.14