Survive the Chop, Thrive in the Trend

The stock trading and investment world is full of so many rules, requirements, theories, and strategies that it can make anyone's head spin! The Game is essentially a stucture that uses the market to extract financial gains. Like any good game there is a starting line, some rules to follow, and an optimal strategy to help the player win! Let’s take a look at the key game components to The Game.

  • The $3,000 Starting Line

    The Game account is launched with the starting amount of $3,000. This amount has the potential of $100,000 or the potential for a complete loss. The lead trader makes all trades in his account in realtime on live video and members have the choice to join the trade or not in their own accounts.

  • The Maximizing Design

    TraderMinute has developed a very specific algorithm or recipe to decide on which trades to make and how to manage each individual trade. The algorithm was built to capitalize on trading rewards while limiting the risk. In general, each trade has the potential to double or triple, while most losses stop out at approximately 30%. When stocks are trending, the gains pile up. When stocks are choppy, the stops limit the losses. The idea of Surviving the Chop and Thriving in Trend is the premise of the algorithm and part of the maximizing design.

  • The Trigger Action

    With the risk/reward concept built into the algorithm, our traders eagerly await any new signals that trigger. All triggers happen at 10:30 am or 2:30 pm EST time while the markets are open. Once a signal is triggered, our traders will use approximately 30% of The Game account to purchase options on the triggered stock. Notifications via text and email are sent out so that those who, like us love a good game, can jump in on the action. All trades are also done on live streaming video. The details of how each trade will be handled are also shared on The Game sheet. New trades are made as money is available and wins and losses are taken as price targets are hit.

  • The $100,000 End Game

    As The Game progresses, our Game Algorithm continues to analyze and search for high-probability trades that have the potential to launch us past the hurdles and up to $100K in 4 months time. Every Game begins with that potential and objective.