VXX Challenge

The VXX Challenge is a combination strategy designed to take advantage of the ever falling nature of the VXX through put options. The strategy is used to profit from short-term up and down swings in the market while being protected from major loss through well-timed SPX put spreads.

VXX Challenge Begins June 1st!

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Trading Strategy

Our trading expert Sonny uses his proprietary timing tools and short term marketing bias triggers to trade VXX puts and SPX spreads when it is most advantageous to profit. The VXX Challenge can be traded in any normal options trading account. There is no margin trading or selling of options that can put more money at risk than is actually put on the trade. Most weeks see the execution or adjustments of 2-3 trades making the VIX Challenge a great strategy for those that don’t want to stare at the computer all day to make some money in the market.

About Sonny

Sonny has been trading stocks, options futures, and currencies for over 15 years. He came to TraderMinute asking what kind of trading could bring value to the community. He loved the risk limitation and trade freedom that comes for the 100K Challenge format. Recently, he has been proactive in building an easy to follow and profitable trading technique that fits the risk reward model of the 100K Challenge. Some of his greatest successes have come with trading the VXX. Sonny is also an IT Professional who oversees the development and deployment of new cloud technologies and a family man who loves spending time with his wife and 3 kids.


Sonny has been developing the VXX Challenge for some time. A month ago, he live-traded this strategy with the TraderMinute community. He doubled his money in 2 weeks and is about to do it again! The spreadsheet containing his trades and results can be accessed through the button below.

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